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Meet Jess, the mastermind behind Peak Performance Hunting.

Easily described as an active relaxer, Peak Performance founder Jess has a passion for exercise and everything outdoors.

Jess is a keen hunter, bodybuilder, and adventurer. With over 10 years of experience in the supplement industry, Jess has an in-depth understanding of how the body works and what is needed to optimise performance.

In 2017 Jess began developing Peak Performance Hunting, an energy drink to elevate her adventures in the bush. The rugged terrain, deep valleys, high mountains, and demanding landscapes of New Zealand presented a formidable challenge requiring skill, stamina, and endurance.

Distilled to perfection, Peak Performance Hunting was carefully curated to give the human body the support and encouragement needed to reach further and recover faster.

Countless trials and fine-tuning refined the formula, ensuring it cut no corners and covered all the crucial aspects of physical performance, from hydration and endurance to combating mental fatigue.

Peak Performance Hunting was quickly adopted across the close-knit hunt community.

Positive word of mouth and countless enthusiastic reviews saw the customer base swell beyond the hills into communities in hiking, running, mountaineering, endurance, and training, then further afield into physically demanding jobs like farming, fencing, shearing, and construction.

No matter how you spend your days, if you’re working hard you’ll need to replenish your body's resources and reserves.

Developed to enhance hydration, muscle recovery, and endurance without a crash where optimum function and performance are paramount.

Designed with low sugar and no caffeine, from the very beginning Peak Performance has been the ideal companion for any physical job or activity.

Conquer any terrain, go further, push harder, and optimise your performance. From the treadmill to hiking the deepest backcountry, Peak Performance has what it takes to take your adventures to new heights.